Evaluating Biopharma networking events are purposely designed to complement your digital and in-person event strategy.

As a leading biopharma supplier your expertise is critical to accelerating life science success. However, breaking through all the noise to introduce your thought leadership is getting more difficult.

Each single-themed Evaluating Biopharma event provides your SMEs with the opportunity to present non-commercial thought-leadership in dedicated 1:1, fire-side chat-style settings AND allows your BD team to personally network with 100+ targeted, pre-qualified GDPR attendees to better connect your expertise and solutions to help them overcome existing bioprocessing challenges.

In addition, Evaluating Biopharma will re-channel and market your SMEs thought leadership post event as summary articles, podcasts and ebooks.

In a nutshell, the Evaluating Biopharma media portfolio outperforms traditional webcast lead-generation, delivers complimentary engagement, interactive networking and new content to extend engagement and promote leadership.

Why do Evaluating Biopharma Events Work So Well?

Interactive Format
Convenient, well-produced, single-themed online events combine thought-leadership, networking and qualified lead-generation .

Focused Content
Your SMEs, your content, your solutions. The 1:1 conversation-style format smartly delivers your experiences, insights, advice so biopharma companies can improve process success.

Targeted Attendees
Everyone in attendance is qualified and connected to the theme.

Better Networking
Interactive, cocktail-style networking allows your BD team to connect the “walk to the talk.”

Extended Deliverables
Your SMEs thought leadership reformatted and marketed as summary articles, podcasts, ebooks.  Full attendee contact list provided pre/post event so your BD team can prioritize event meetings, follow up on initial conversations and re-connect with the folks they missed during networking.