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AllCells, A Discovery Life Sciences Company

AllCells, a Discovery Life Science Company, has earned its reputation as the industry-leading supplier of high-quality human-derived hematological tissues for over two decades. Our state-of-the-art FDA-registered fully accredited donor facilities, and adjacent GMP-compliant cleanrooms are optimized from beginning to end. Comprehensive process control and quality standards ensure cellular material is handled with expedience and expert care – from the time a donor enters AllCells’ collection facilities to the time you receive your order. Quality, consistency, and flexibility are paramount as We/AllCells help global life science researchers and bio-manufacturing organizations in the development of novel therapies to revolutionize human health care.

Center for Breakthrough Medicines (CBM)

Center for Breakthrough Medicines (CBM) is an Advanced Therapy CDMO dedicated to addressing the challenges with bringing breakthrough therapies to patients. CBM offers pre-clinical through commercial manufacturing capabilities spanning process development; plasmid DNA, viral vector, and cell therapy production; and a full suite of testing and analytical capabilities. Through a single-source, end-to-end solution, CBM accelerates time to market without compromising quality.

Center for Breakthrough Medicines


erbi Biosystems, Inc.

Making Perfusion a Breez™! Erbi Biosystems is revolutionizing cell therapy and bioprocessing process development with the Breez, its 2 mL perfusion microbioreactor. The platform offers a 90% footprint reduction while quickly delivering improved data quality through high-intensity perfusion processes, disposable, single-use cassettes with proprietary microfluidic technology, and closed-loop control of pH, optical density, dissolved, oxygen, and CO2 measurements.

GenScript ProBio USA Inc

We solve your capacity and turn-around-time bottleneck of antibody, plasmid and viral vector manufacturing needs that stand in the way of delivering life-changing therapies to market. GenScript ProBio is a global contract development and manufacturing (CDMO) organization, which aims to accelerate manufacturing of life-changing drugs, discover novel therapeutic targets, and develop innovative therapeutic approaches to manufacture best in class RNA, DNA, and protein. As a global development and manufacturing partner to the pharmaceutical and biotech organizations, GenScript ProBio helps to enhance the development of life changing drugs, using unique platform that brings together multi-disciplinary expertise, biologics discovery, plasmid and viral vectors manufacturing, and antibody manufacturing.

GenScript ProBio USA Inc

Lykan Bioscience

Lykan Bioscience

Lykan Bioscience is an innovative contract development and manufacturing services organization (CDMO) focused on cell-based therapies. With decades of biopharmaceutical industry experience, Lykan offers a full range of development and manufacturing services. The state-of-the-art, purpose-built facility offering eight independent manufacturing suites is uniquely designed to fully integrate cGMP principles and advanced software solutions to enable real-time testing and release of product. Six additional cGMP processing suites will be commissioned by the end of 2022 to support US/EU clinical and commercial manufacturing. Located in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, 25 miles southwest of downtown Boston and in the proximity of four international airports, Lykan Bioscience is ideally situated to deliver life-saving cell therapy treatments to patients on behalf of their partners.


PendoTECH offers low-cost, single use in-line sensors for pressure, temperature, conductivity, UV absorbance & flow (that are also robust enough for re-use!). They have complementary monitors/transmitters and are targeted towards biotech process development & manufacturing. Advanced systems are also available for automation & data collection.



AsahiKASEI Bioprocess

Asahi Kasei Bioprocess America is devoted to solving therapeutic product safety, efficiency and purity challenges within the pharmaceutical and bioprocessing industries. With technology platforms for virus filtration, chromatography, inline buffer formulation and oligonucleotide synthesis, our systems, columns and automation solutions advance GMP manufacturing of critical drug substances globally. Our portfolio of equipment and technology touches unit operations across a wide range of therapeutic modalities, including small molecule pharmaceuticals, current-generation antibodies, plasma derivatives and oligonucleotide therapeutics.

Black Diamond Networks

Black Diamond Networks is a professional staffing agency filling roles in the Life Sciences, Engineering, and Information Technology sectors. Through the rapid deployment of experienced, pre-screened personnel, we enable customers to meet projects goals and deadlines and address critical staffing needs while maintaining headcount, payroll and administrative flexibility.

Black Diamond Networks


FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies

As your global CDMO partner FUJIFILM offers complete solutions in pharmaceutical manufacturing – from pre-clinical investigations and process development to commercial cGMP production.

Media Partners


Cambridge Healthtech Institute (CHI) is the preeminent life science network for leading researchers and business experts from top pharmaceutical, biotech and academic organizations. CHI’s portfolio of products includes Cambridge Healthtech Institute Conferences, Barnett Educational Services, Cambridge Meeting Planners and Healthtech Publishing, which includes publications such as Bio-IT World, Clinical Informatics News, and Diagnostics World, as well as numerous e-newsletters.


Cell & Gene provides actionable information to professionals involved in the development and commercialization of cell and gene therapies.


Drug Development & Delivery, including its exclusive Specialty Pharma section, is a print publication, conference organizer (Drug Development Networking Summit), and online content provider exclusively committed to advancing the applied science, technology, and related business practices of pharmaceutical and biological drug development, reporting on formulation design, bioavailability and solubility enhancement, drug delivery and platform technologies, life cycle management, compound-enabling strategies, business development, outsourcing services, and partnerships and collaborations.

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