Process Intensification: Improving the Process Status Quo


A preview Process Intensification - Improving the Process Status-Quo event: three educational "pay it forward" conversations with industry veterans who share their personal intensification experiences and advice. Two interactive networking sessions allow attendees to connect and find solutions to common intensification challenges.

Process Intensification: PAT, AI, ML to Support Intensified Bioprocessing

Arthi Narayanan (Innovation Team Leader, Genentech) and John Bonham-Carter (Vice President, Erbi Biosystems) discuss how PAT, AI, and ML are used to support intensified bioprocessing. Topics include: (1) Defining topics, goals, outcomes; (2) Leveraging predictive modeling to accelerate tech transfer; (3) Accepting and trusting new technologies; (4) Managing workforce integration

Process Intensification: Sustainability and its Impact on Process Efficiency and the Environment

Andrew Sinclair (President and Founder, BioPharm Services) and moderator John Bonham-Carter (Vice President, Erbi Biosystems) discuss how intensification and sustainability are connected/ Topics include: (1) core sustainability considerations their impact on process strategy and the bottom line; (2) Factors your company must understand and consider; (3) The reward of leveraging sustainability initiatives and intensified bioprocessing.

Process Intensification: Leveraging Established Processes - Intensifying with Minimal Risk

Stefan Schmidt (Head of Operations/COO, BioAtrium AG) and moderator John Bonham-Carter (Vice President, Erbi Biosystems) discuss: (1) How to decide on intensification for one product vs. continuous for another; (2) What factors must be considered to make the best decision; (3) Leveraging data/knowledge from sites using different techniques; (4) Assessing performance - what metrics should you use to determine/decide.