Team Approach to Managing Risks

Welcome to Supply Chain Challenges – Team Approach to managing Supply Chain Risks

Anticipating Disruptions: Identifying and Planning for Shortages

Rich Musa (Cipla Therapeutics) and Ben Locwin (Black Diamond Networks) discuss: (1) Maintaining Materials Inventory; (2) Structuring Robust Supplier Contracts; (3) The Reality of Backup Suppliers; (4) Investing in a 3rd Party Supply Chain Analysis

Risk Management: Conducting a Total Process Risk Management Analysis

Dave Malenfant (TCU Neeley Center for Supply Chain Innovation) and Ben Locwin (Black Diamond Networks) discuss conducting a total process risk management analysis including: (1) Why an RMA is so important; (2) Prioritizing the right people; (3) Mapping the process; (4) Identifying and negotiating alternative suppliers; (5) Leveraging technology

Team Solutions to Managing Supply Chain Disruptions

Parrish Galliher (Independent Bioprocess Consultant) and Ben Locwin (Black Diamond Networks) discuss: (1)Conducting a collaborative risk analysis; (2) Identifying and comparing production strengths/weaknesses; (3) Strategies to counter supply chain disruptions; (4) Invest now or pay later – a case study

Supply Chain Challenges - Overcoming Long/Short Term Constraints

Joe Shedlawski (supply chain veteran, APICS master instructor) and Ben Locwin (Black Diamond Networks) discuss: (1) Identifying, understanding, anticipating supply chain constraints; (2) Analyzing key metrics to prioritize constraints; (3) Improving process, preparation, agility, reaction time; (4) Lessons learned – a vaccines case study