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Welcome to Evaluating Biopharma

Existing and next-generation biopharmaceutical products have become increasingly complex and challenging to develop and manufacture. To maintain success, biopharmaceutical companies must implement next-generation strategies, reduce COGs, improve capabilities, and incorporate better technologies.

Today’s biopharmaceutical leadership bears the responsibility to make these decisions correctly and consistently. The consequence of not doing so can be staggering.

Decision makers need to leverage as much data, information, and perspective as possible. They need better access to industry veterans who have “walked the talk,” made the tough decisions, are willing to share that invaluable knowledge and provide sound advice. Decision makers need to understand and have better access to technologies and services that can improve process efficiency. They also need a better forum to convene all this know-how, talent, and experience in the right place, at the right time.

Evaluating Biopharma events deliver intimate, interactive, targeted forums where all participants - speakers, attendees, sponsors, directly connected to the theme, can discuss universal challenges, share experiences, and access solutions to improve process efficiency, accelerate manufacturing, and ultimately deliver life changing treatments to patients safely, effectively, profitably.

Why Attend

· Participation in truly innovative, interactive, peer-to-peer online forums
· Expert insight, analysis, and discussion of select information presented at The Bioprocessing Summit and Bioprocessing Summit Europe events
· Focused, deep-dives into single-themed, targeted content
· High-value insights and advice from globally recognized executives and thought leaders
· Opportunity to interact, shape and drive the conversation
· Real considerations to evaluate existing processes and manufacturing strategies
· By invitation-only events ensure qualified, peer decision makers in attendance
· Dedicated, highly engaging networking sessions to meet and connect with attendees

Who’s Invited

· Bio/Pharma Leaders and Decision Makers
· C-level Executives
· Supervisors/Directors
· Managers/Group Leaders
· Senior Scientists
· Engineers

Founding Partner

BioPlan associate, inc.



Access to Global Decision Makers

What if you had access to global decision makers, in an environment that fosters meaningful dialogue, where you can listen to your customers’ concerns and engage in lively discussions to help overcome their challenges?

Imagine if you could be part of a new way of networking, obtaining higher lead generation and better ROI.